of information technology and security personnel acknowledged security vulnerabilities in their video- conferencing solutions - Aite Novarica

Don’t leave the door open for hackers and malware.

Other video conferencing solutions are designed for communication first – with security as an afterthought. Unfortunately, this gives hackers easy access to hijack your camera, screen, microphone, keyboard, and more so they can eavesdrop anytime your device is active – Even after you leave the meeting. 

“Zerify is making a name as the zero-trust secure video-conferencing solution.”

From the Report: “Zerify Meet is the only known SecVideo product that will protect user devices from malware taking over cameras, microphones, clipboards, hijacking keyboards, prevent audio-out speakers stream eavesdropping, and provide anti-screen scraping.”

Meeting Authorization
Only invited individuals can access the meeting
Video & Audio Lockdown
Secures video camera, microphone & speakers
Meeting Authentication
Every participant is verfied with 2FA
Anti-Hooking Keystroke Protection
Blocks keylogger malware from recording your keystrokes.
Anti-Screen Capture
Blocks spyware from taking screenshots
Clipboard Protection
Prevents malware from stealing sensitive data

Securing Global Organizations for Over 20 Years