The majority of government organizations have not put enough investment in security.

Most government agencies today have not secured their data. Many have not deployed security governance and risk management within their inter-agency communications and IT infrastructures. Many government services and agencies have no dedicated cybersecurity personnel in their organizations, often due to budget cuts. This allows government agencies to be open to cyber attacks from anywhere in the world, which can even put the public sector at risk.

However, this is an easy fix with Zerify.

Compliance & Regulations

Researchers pointed out that “compliance does not equal cybersecurity” and that too many government entities and related organizations that were “compliant” ended up becoming breach victims.

Risk & Business Impact

The business risks and impact of a data breach to a government entities and related organizations can be quite severe, including financial losses, data breach costs, compensation, lost client trust, damage to reputation, or even lawsuits

How Do Our Government Video Conferencing Solutions' Security Features Help Protect Agency Communication Data?

Zerify Defender: Proactive Military-Grade Security During Video Meetings on Zoom for Government and Other Video Conferencing Platforms

While other security tools inform you after an attempted breach, Zerify Defender is proactive and protects your devices before a bad actor can hack into them during a video call while using any video conference services, such as Zoom for Government. Our desktop Defender locks down video and audio, prevents screenshots from being taken while screen sharing, and protects your clipboard and keystrokes from malware attacks.

Zerify Meet: Easy-to-Use, Secure Video Conferencing Solution for Government Communications

Zerify Meet is the only video conferencing software built with zero-trust architecture and end-to-end encryption to prevent hackers from accessing mission-critical communications.

Zerify API: Seamless Interoperability with Third-Party Applications and Programs

Seamlessly integrate secure video conferencing into any type of business application.