School technologies have become a target of cybercriminals due to access to vast amounts of sensitive student and teacher data.

Often due to limited budgets, a lack of network policy, and insufficient student and staff training in video conferencing technology, education facilities can become victims of cyber-attacks.

While cybersecurity in online learning and classroom environments is necessary to protect against financial loss and prevent disruption, it’s also crucial to protect students and faculty and staff from harm.

Compliance & Regulations for the Use of Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Researchers have pointed out that compliance does not equal cybersecurity, and too many educational institutions considered compliant ended up becoming breach victims.

Impacts of Data Breaches in Educational Environments

The business risks and impact of a data breach in an educational setting, such as a school or university, may include financial losses, data breach costs, compensation, lost trust from parents and students, damage to reputation, or even lawsuits.

Which Zerify Video Conferencing Tool for Education is Best for Learning Environments?

Zerify Defender: Use to Keep Any Video Conferencing Platform Safe for Remote Learning

Zerify Defender is an excellent tool for remote learning and virtual classrooms, as teachers do not have control over control which video conference platforms students use at home. It is compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and other desktop-based video conferencing applications. Zerify Defender interrupts hackers' ability to record lectures with video and audio lockdowns. It prevents them from stealing images from screen-sharing or sensitive text and data from clipboards and keystrokes.

Zerify Meet: Secure, Robust Video Conferencing Technology in Virtual or Physical Classrooms

As the only video conferencing software for education built with zero-trust architecture, Zerify Meet is ideal for the traditional classroom learning experience. Installing Zerify Meet on every device in the school gives teachers and students consistency and removes accessibility barriers. This helps teachers, allowing them additional time to collaborate and connect with students instead of wasting valuable time on several different video conferencing platforms.

Zerify API: Launch Video Conference Calls from Any Digital Tool and Apps Securely

Integrate secure video conferencing directly into any type of application used for online learning.