of C-level executives are concerned about protecting privacy and securing confidential data during a video conference

Market Research Group, Propeller Insights, July 2022 survey on video conferencing security (For complete survey results, click here)

Scale and Secure Your Ability to Meet

Present your ideas confidently and securely with the added peace of mind offered by Zero Trust authentication technology.

Keep Confidential Conversations, Confidential.

Don’t let video conferencing be your organization’s least secure channel.

We built Zerify Meet on a Zero Trust platform and further enhanced it with our patented out-of-band authentication, keystroke encryption bringing a whole new level of security to video conferencing.

Meeting Authorization

Only invited individuals can access the meeting

Meeting Authentication

Every participant is verfied with 2FA

Anti-Screen Capture

Blocks spyware from taking screenshots

Video & Audio Lockdown

Secures video camera, microphone & speakers

Anti-Hooking Keystroke Protection

Blocks keylogger malware from recording your keystrokes.

Clipboard Protection

Prevents malware from stealing sensitive data

Don’t Compromise on Security

ZoomWebexGoToMeetingJoin.meMS TeamBlue JeansHangoutsFacetimeSkypeZoho
Meeting Password
Passcode OTP
Encrypted Audio & Video
Meeting Authorization
Out-of-Band Phone Authentication
Push & Biometric Authentication
Keystroke Protection
Camera Protection
Microphone Protection
Audio Out Protection
Clipboard Protection
Anti-Screen Capture

Don’t Compromise on Security

Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Join.me, MS Team, Blue Jeans, Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, Zoho
Meeting Password
Passcode OTP
Encrypted Audio & Video
Meeting Authorization
Out-of-Band Phone Authentication
Push & Biometric Authentication
Keystroke Protection
Camera Protection
Microphone Protection
Audio Out Protection
Clipboard Protection
Anti-Screen Capture

Zerify Meet Features You Can Count On

Security Features

Protect your camera, microphone, keyboard, clipboard, and speakers from cyber thieves who look to exploit weaknesses in other video conferencing solutions. With Zerify Meet, your meeting is protected in more ways than any other video conferencing solution on the market.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is an industry standard cyber security framework

ProtectID Out-of-Band Authentication Platform

Award Winning Authentication Platform offering five different authentication methods

Push Authentication Mobile App

Mobile App for: Push, OTP generator & Biometric Authentication

Encrypted Audio & Video

Audio & Video encrypted with AES-GCM 128bit

Camera lockdown

Prevents malware from hijacking camera stream

Microphone lockdown

Prevents malware from listening to microphone stream

Audio-Out (Speakers) lockdown

Prevents malware from listening to audio-out speaker stream

Keystroke Protection

Prevents malware from stealing keystrokes

Anti-Screen capture

Prevents malware from capturing screen shots

Clipboard protection

Prevents malware from capturing data copied to clipbooard

Secure breakout rooms

Only authenticated users can enter breakout rooms

Secure Remote Dial-in

Only authenticated users can remotely dial-in

End to End encryption

Encrypts audio & video from point-to-point

Step-up login authentication based on meeting sensitivity

Enables you to raise the level of authentication to meet security level

Lobby room password

Add additional real-time lobby password

Admin Features

Create secure video conference meetings for large and small groups with ease. Utilizing the power of Zero Trust authentication, your Zerify Meet is open only to invited attendees while keeping cyber thieves and other disruptors from accessing your meetings and other vital company data.

Lobby Room

If enabled, participants wait in a lobby room until meeting creator let's them in

Column picker

Enables high-level custom view of contact & meeting details

Executive assistant feature

Enables executive assistant to create meetings for executive without having to purchase additional license

Import & export contacts: csv - xls

Import a CSV file that has a list of contacts,You can export the contacts to an Excel file

Custom agendas & meeting notes

Allow host/manager to create an active agenda or meetings notes for specific meetings

Custom Reports

Create customized reports on any meeting details

Meetings View

The Meetings View displays the summary of all the meetings in the company

Database Toggle Switching

Toggle between personal contact database & corporate contact database

Meetings log

The meeting log depicts the events during the lifecycle of the meeting

Public Meeting link

Public meeting allows multiple participants to join the meeting with the same link

Meeting Features

Command every meeting confidently and present your ideas using features like whiteboards, live polling, and the world’s first secure breakout rooms. Zerify Meet provides multiple levels of security and is HIPPA compliant.

Camera & Microphone controls

Enables users to manage camera and microphone features

Screen Share

Allows everyone in the meeting to share their screen with everyone

Screen Share

You can have a text conversation with a group of participants

Private Chat

Allows you to have a text conversation with individual in the meeting

Live Polling

Allows you to ask a question of the participants and get a response

Raise Hand-ask question

Notifies the host that you would like to speak

View Participants

Allows you to see everyone that is in the meeting

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms enable you to split participants into smaller group or individual sessions

Toggle View

To switch to full screen view, on the View tab

Record Meeting

Allows you to record the meeting

Lobby Room

Is a virtual room in which participants wait until the presenters of in the meeting are ready to begin

Live Stream

Transmit live video and audio coverage of (an event)

Share Video

Share video with participants

Share Audio

Share audio with participants

Speaker Stats

Allows Host/manager to view the speaker stats of participants

View Shortcuts

A shortcut is an abbreviated form of a keyboard shortcut

Manage Profile Settings

The Profile dashboard shows your data - User Name Full Name Email Default Phone Organization


Moderators & participants can collaborate on a whiteboard at the same time

Select Backgrounds / Custom Background

Participants can customize and choose a background of their choice.

Self-provision "Push" authentication capabilities

Enables a Manager/Host to manage their authentication method.

Browser Based, doesn’t require desktop app

Browser based meetings, no download required

Zerify Meet Mobile App (Apple & Android)

Create & attend meetings from mobile devices and tablets

Noise Suppression

Filter out background/white noise


Zerify Meet can be utilized from our AWS platform or via your company’s private cloud. API integration allows secure video conferencing to be embedded into any CRM, ERP, or legacy application.


Zerify Meet can be utilized via our AWS platform

On-Premise (your private cloud)

Zerify Meet can run from your own private cloud

API Integration

Enables secure video conferencing to be embedded into any CRM, ERP, or legacy application

Single-User License


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Protect personal & confidential data with the world’s most secure video conferencing platform. Zerify Defender (a $49.95 value) Included.

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Enterprise Multi-User License

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17% off for an annual license

Enhanced protection of corporate intellectual property, financials, customer & employee data. Zerify Defender (a $49.95 value) Included.

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"Knowing that Zerify is protecting my privacy and data is important. It will ensure our communications with our investors, colleagues and consumers are protected from the vulnerabilities of other platforms."

Dave Chapman, Fund Manager
Future Tundra Capital Partners, LLC
Zerify API

Stealing confidential data is at an all-time high, that’s why industry regulators are now starting to enforce regulatory compliances which requires shared data to be protected via strong cyber security controls. The Zerify Meet API enables you to layer the appropriate level of security controls into your video conferencing experience to keep your data safe and meet regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my current video meeting platform safe?

Not likely.

While Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo, WebEx, and Google Meet are all some of the most reliable and widely used video conferencing platforms, they don’t meet the minimum security requirements to keep your business safe.

They lack necessary security features that leave your calls open to attack, such as:

Audio and video protection
End-to-end encryption
Multiple levels of authentication
Endpoint protection for your desktop, laptop, microphone, camera, keyboard, and connected devices

How does Zerify Meet provide more security and privacy?

Zerify Meet empowers users with a suite of security features that keep video calls safe and secure:

Only invited individuals can access the meeting
Every participant is verified and authenticated with 2FA
Our anti screen capture software blocks spyware from taking screenshots
Meet locks down video and audio by securing your video camera, microphone, and speakers
Encrypted keystroke technology blocks keylogger malware from recording your keystrokes
Prevents malware from stealing sensitive data from your clipboard

What is the most secure video conferencing software available?

We’re proud to say that Zerify Meet is the most secure video conferencing platforms available. Though there are a few other secure video meeting solution providers on the market, we’re the only company that offers a true Zero Trust security model.

Is Zerify Meet available on mobile devices?

Yes. Zerify Meet is available for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices.