Zerify Meet

Keep Confidential Conversations, Confidential

Secure video conferencing software built on a zero-trust foundation, Zerify Meet secures your virtual meetings from intruders and blocks hackers from exploiting known vulnerabilities.

Virtual meetings
have real security

Video conferencing applications have evolved significantly since the pandemic began but were not originally designed for confidential or secure communication. From ‘zoom bombs’, to data breaches, and ransomware attacks, video conferencing applications have opened new doors to malware attacks and hackers.

Zerify Meet

We built Zerify Meet on a Zero Trust platform and further enhanced it with our patented out-of-band authentication and keystroke encryption, bringing a whole new level of security to video conferencing.
Secure Video Conferencing Features

Protect your camera, microphone, keyboard, clipboard, and speakers from cyber thieves who look to exploit weaknesses in the leading video conferencing systems. Zerify Meet comes with Defender, securing your conferences in more ways than any other video conferencing solution on the market.

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Video Collaboration Tools

Command every meeting confidently and present your ideas using features like Blackboards, live polling, and the world’s first secure breakout rooms. Zerify Meet provides multiple levels of security and is HIPPA compliant.

Admin Features

Create secure video conference meetings for large and small groups with ease. Utilizing the power of Zero Trust authentication, your Zerify Meet is open only to invited attendees while keeping cyber thieves and other disruptors from accessing your meetings and other vital company data.



For Individuals

*Includes Zerify Defender (Individual) for 1 device

Provides access to the Zerify Meet Scheduler for a single user to create and manage Zerify Meet meetings.

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*Bundled with Zerify Defender (Multi-User) for selected quantity

Provides access to the Zerify Meet Scheduler for the number of users equal to the selected quantity (min 3, max 100). Each user can separately create and manage Zerify Meet meetings.

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For Large Organizations

*Bundled with Zerify Defender (Multi-User) for selected quantity

Provides access to the Zerify Meet Scheduler for >100 users. Each user can separately create and manage Zerify Meet meetings.

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"Knowing that Zerify is protecting my privacy and data is important. It will ensure our communications with our investors, colleagues and consumers are protected from the vulnerabilities of other platforms."

Dave Chapman, Fund Manager
Future Tundra Capital Partners, LLC
Zerify API

Stealing confidential data is at an all-time high, that’s why industry regulators are now starting to enforce regulatory compliances which require shared data to be protected via strong cybersecurity controls. The Zerify Meet API enables you to layer the appropriate level of security controls into your video conferencing experience to keep your data safe and meet regulatory compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Current Video Meeting Platform Safe?

Not likely.

While Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo, WebEx, and Google Meet are all some of the most reliable and widely used video conferencing platforms, they don’t meet the minimum security requirements to keep your business safe.

They lack necessary security features that leave your calls open to attack, such as:

Audio and video protection
End-to-end encryption
Multiple levels of authentication
Endpoint protection for your desktop, laptop, microphone, camera, keyboard, and connected devices

How Does Zerify Meet Provide More Security and Privacy?

Zerify Meet empowers users with a suite of security features that keep video calls safe and secure:

Only invited individuals can access the meeting
Every participant is verified and authenticated with 2FA
Our anti screen capture software blocks spyware from taking screenshots
Meet locks down video and audio by securing your video camera, microphone, and speakers
Encrypted keystroke technology blocks keylogger malware from recording your keystrokes
Prevents malware from stealing sensitive data from your clipboard

What is the Most Secure Video Conferencing Software Available?

We’re proud to say that Zerify Meet is the most secure video conferencing platforms available. Though there are a few other secure video meeting solution providers on the market, we’re the only company that offers a true Zero Trust security model.

Is Zerify Meet Available as a Video Conferencing App on Mobile Devices?

Yes. Zerify Meet is available for Android and iOS/iPadOS devices.