Lawyers and legal professionals have access to clients’ most confidential information.

More than 20% of law firms in the U.S. report they don’t know whether or not they’ve ever been breached.

An alarming 62% of firms with 100+ lawyers say they don’t know either. It doesn’t matter how small or large a law firm is—law firms are at greater risk than ever of a security breach.

Compliance & Requirements

Researchers have pointed out that compliance does not equal cybersecurity and that too many law firms that were considered compliant ended up becoming breach victims.

Risk & Business Impact on Law Firms

The business risks and impact of a data breach on a law firm can be quite severe, including financial losses, data breach costs, compensation, lost client trust, damage to reputation, and even lawsuits.

But protecting your data is easier than ever by taking the right precautions and using Zerify for secure video calls.

How Our Law Firm Video Conferencing Platform Keeps Your Data Secure

Zerify Defender: Proactive Security Throughout Virtual Client Meetings and Court Proceedings

If for some reason Zerify Meet is not your or your client's video tool of choice, Zerify Defender can be used in conjunction with other video conference and communications platforms like Zoom. This is especially important when discussing things that fall under attorney-client privilege, or during questioning, depositions, or other court proceedings. Zerify Defender can lock down audio and video, and protect data stored on your computer's clipboard and keyboard with encryption.

Zerify Meet: A Law Firm Video Conferencing Solution for Lawyers and Attorneys Everywhere

Zerify Meet is the legal industry’s only video conferencing platform built with a zero-trust architecture to keep your virtual meetings secure for both clients and colleagues.

Zerify API: Makes Screen Sharing Key Documents from Any Application During a Video Conference Easy

Zerify API lets law firms start a video meeting from just about any application. This is particularly useful for screen sharing things like PowerPoint presentations or key documents for upcoming court proceedings.