Cybercriminals target financial advisors, firms, and their clients more than any other industry

A cybercriminal will typically have an average of 79 days of unfettered access to a compromised system (including entire branches) before the breach is discovered.

Compliance & Regulations for Using Video Conferencing in the Financial Services Industry

Researchers have pointed out that compliance does not equal cybersecurity and that too many businesses in the financial industry that were considered compliant ended up becoming breach victims.

Risk & Business Impact on Financial Institutions

The business risks and impact of a data breach on a financial institution can be severe, including financial losses, data breach costs, compensation, lost client trust, damage to reputation, or even lawsuits. Having security measures in place could save thousands and possibly even millions of dollars.

Discover How Video Conferencing for Financial Advisors Can Help Build Trust

Zerify Defender: Protect Your Device Before a Cyber Attack

Zerify Defender, a video conferencing tool, protects your personal and corporate data during video conferences on video chat services using Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Its military-grade security measures include audio and video camera lockdown, screen sharing protection, anti-theft keystroke protection, and more.

Zerify Meet: A Secure Video Call Platform

The financial industry’s only video conferencing platform built with a zero-trust architecture to keep your virtual meetings and interactions with clients secure.

Zerify API: Integrate Any Application into a Seamless Video Conferencing Experience

Seamlessly integrate secure video conferencing into any type of business application, making it easy to schedule meetings with clients while keeping their financial information safe.