The affordable, zero-trust built video conferencing solution for preventing catastrophic data breaches.

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Leading Cybersecurity For Over 20 Years

Zerify Meet is the only video conferencing platform in Forrester’s latest research report

Zerify is HIPAA compliant

Video Conferencing is now considered a mission critical application

Zerify Meet is the industry’s only video conferencing platform built with a zero-trust architecture to keep your meetings secure, private and business compliant.

  • 5-Level Meeting Security
  • Advanced User Authentication
  • Security Controls Mapped to NIST – FIPS
  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting
  • Encrypted Audio & Video
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Cutting Edge Cyber Security Starting at only $12.95/month

Current video conferencing platforms were not designed with protection in mind leaving businesses vulnerable to data breaches and attacks each and every time you have a virtual meeting.

We leverage over 20 years of cybersecurity expertise to provide the most secure video conference platform available. With our 5-level meeting security control combined with all the features, you’d expect from a leading video conferencing platform, now you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience and features you want for the security you need.

Purpose-Built to be Secure and Meet Compliance

Robust Meeting Management Features

No Desktop Client – Entirely Web Based Conferencing