Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) Are Turning to Zerify to Protect Confidential Client Data

Cybercrime against SMBs is up 64%, potential losses exceeds $6.9 billion

EDISON, N.J., Feb. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zerify Inc. (OTCPINK: ZRFY), the 21-year-old cybersecurity company focused on securing digital communications, announced today that Small-to-Medium sized business are turning to Zerify to protect confidential corporate & client data.

“SMBs are under attack,” says Mark L. Kay, CEO of Zerify. “We are honored that they are signing up to use our Zerify Meet™ Secure Video Conferencing and Zerify Defender™ secure desktop solutions. Given the fact that most SMBs don’t have an experienced cybersecurity team on staff to help navigate critical security & compliance requirements, we are thrilled that they are turning to Zerify to help them protect their corporate & client data.”

On Dec. 16th 2022, the FBI reported that Small-to-Medium sized businesses face a big threat from cyberattacks and hackers. “This is a great opportunity for Zerify,” says Kay, “because hackers are easily bypassing existing anti-virus and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) systems and are going after voice, video, and audio communications, which is part of every company’s digital communications ecosystem. Zerify is the only company on the market that has a proactive solution that locks down your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and prevents screenscraping malware.”

“Computers, applications & mobile devices are all components that make-up a company’s digital communications ecosystem, therefore, protecting those from malware should be a top concern for every business leader,” says Kay. “That’s why we are very pleased to share below three Zerify’s SMB business leaders and why they choose to use our solutions.”:

• Loy C. (Transformation Visionary Educator for the Americas, Asia and Africa), as a visionary entrepreneur and mentor with contacts throughout the world, said, “I was looking for a video conferencing platform that was secure and reliable. I’ve been using Zerify for about a year now and have found their security features far superior compared to others offering similar services. Having a background in Management of Information Systems myself, I was impressed with their camera and keyboard security for the host and multiple authentication options. No company out there is offering this level of security features, Impressive! In addition, they offer features and services that are scalable as my business grows with price points that are reasonable and relevant. Lastly, a real person responds to any technical questions promptly that you may have, which is refreshing in this age of AI, bots and outsourcing customer service!”

• Richard Bruce Paschal (Attorney) said, “I have been a practicing attorney for 40 years, as a transactional and successful civil trial attorney. I spent many years as a defense attorney in professional malpractice actions involving CPAs, engineers and accountants. I also represented clients in construction defect cases and business litigation cases. I am a former director and general counsel of a 100-plus employee engineering company in the San Francisco Bay Area and held those positions for over 7 years. Protecting Intellectual property & client data is essential to my business, that’s why I choose to use Zerify’s solutions. They secure my business, they are easy to use, and very affordable. I would recommend them to any business that needs to secure corporate & client data.”

• John Wachter (Owner Operator of Sunburnt Cottages) said, “We specialize in arranging the perfect cottage experience, or island getaway for vacationers. Since we deal with a lot of personal information we needed to get the most secure solution to protect our clients data, that’s why we choose to utilize Zerify’s solutions, they help us keep our clients information secure.”

“We love working with SMBs,” says Kay, “they are the backbone of the country, we treat each of our customers as if they are our most important customer, because each of them is. We don’t require any long term contracts, our software is licensed month-to-month, and we even offer a 14-day free trial on our website. We look forward to making each of you our most important customer,” says Kay.

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Zerify Inc. (OTC: ZRFY), formerly StrikeForce Technologies, is an Edison, New Jersey-based company with over two decades of experience in cybersecurity solutions. The company helps to prevent cyber theft and data security breaches for consumers, corporations and government agencies through powerful multi-factor “out-of-band” authentication and keystroke encryption along with mobile solutions. Zerify offers a video conferencing solution that uses no desktop and is entirely web-based, offering a five-level meeting security control approach designed to protect valuable information. Features include keystroke protection, anti-screen capture, and push and biometric authentication to keep businesses secure. The technology also protects cameras, microphones and speakers, keeping computers and confidential data secure even when one is offline and not on a video conference. No other video conferencing service on the market, such as Zoom, Webex, LogMeIn, MS Teams or BlueJeans, offers these protections.

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