StrikeForce Technologies Provides a Business Update for 2022

Forecasts Strong Revenues & Increased Growth for the Year

EDISON, N.J., Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), a cyber security company that provides next-gen cyber, privacy & data protection solutions for consumers, corporations & government agencies, issues an update for 2022 on its current business activities and future growth potential.

“To say that StrikeForce is undergoing a business transformation that will reshape our future and propel sales and increase shareholder value is an understatement,” says Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce. “We have a killer strategy for 2022, we have products, exploding market opportunity, and the monies to promote our products & services to achieve our revenue projections and then some. This coming year is going to be epic for StrikeForce,” says Kay, please see key updates below:

Strategy: StrikeForce takes the lead in establishing SafeVchat™ as the new privacy and security standardization in the video conferencing and collaboration industry. StrikeForce recognizes the need for an objective, foundational structure back in November 2020 as StrikeForce commissioned Aite-Novarica to conduct a study before shedding light on crucial standardization considerations. The study included discussions with financial service technology professionals, video conferencing vendors and user attendance at virtual industry events, and the author’s own experience as a former chief information security officer and cybersecurity consultant. Aite-Novarica Study Conclusion: Confirms there is the need for an Immediate 4-Level Classification Foundation and StrikeForce is the only company on the market that can meet that need at this time.

As a result of this Aite-Novarica and StrikeForce whitepaper, we are urging the industry to come together, consider, and adopt a 4-Level schema as the first step to standardization. Establishing SafeVchat as an industry standard would almost ensure a path forward for compliance & regulatory guideline writers, which would include SafeVchat’s security features in regulatory & compliance guidelines.

Products: When StrikeForce decided to start building SafeVchat & PrivacyLok (about 18 months ago), we had two huge advantages over all the other video conferencing vendors, which are: 1. we would be the only cyber security company in this space, 2. We would be utilizing three of our existing (& patented) cyber security solutions as core differentiators over all competitors. Two weeks ago, we finished adding a new recording feature, an upgraded performance platform and just this week we added facial recognition for quick and super-secure access control. From what we can tell by all the competitor’s websites, that we have built more cyber security into our SafeVchat than all the competitors combined.

“In addition to the unique features of SafeVchat, our PrivacyLok™ Endpoint Security solution also positions us in a very distinctive spot,” says Kay. “PrivacyLok is the only cyber security solution in the market that protects your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard and prevents screen scraping malware from stealing screen shots. It therefore protects YOU.”

“With PrivacyLok’s unrivalled features it enables us to market it to anyone that uses Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, or, any other video conferencing solution to make their solution more secure than it is natively. That’s right,” say’s Kay, “we believe we make Zoom & Teams users more secure than Zoom or Microsoft does. Therefore, every video conferencing user is a potential user of PrivacyLok.”

Market Opportunity: “The growth opportunities in video conferencing over the next 5-years is staggering, and we plan on grabbing as much of it as possible,” says Kay, “check-out some of the below statistics: According to Global Market Insights Inc., the video conferencing marketplace is expected to reach at least $50 Billion by 2026. By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, that represents an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels (Upwork 2020). Of businesses, 31% travelers plan to reduce business travel post-pandemic because teleconferencing and remote working arrangements are as effective as being in the office and traveling (Oliver Wyman). Plus 97% of remote workers would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers (Buffer 2021).”

Marketing: “Having a sound and proven marketing strategy is absolutely crucial,” says Kay. “As they say, it takes a village. I am very pleased to say that we are continuing to align world-class marketers that can help StrikeForce reach our fullest potential, and because money is not an issue, we will reach the top of that mountain. In late September we launched the beginning of our marketing efforts and we started with a new website, then worked with keyword and SEO specialists to optimize our webpages and achieve the highest search results. We then added TV commercials, digital billboards, and just three weeks ago we started airing morning drive-time radio commercials in the fifth largest radio market throughout Arizona.”

“This coming week we start shooting new TV commercials specific to SafeVchat & PrivacyLok, which will air on National TV channels i.e. CNN, CNBC, FOX & FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, Headlines News & the weather channel. We will also piggyback and add the new commercials to the 156 digital billboards throughout NYC,” says Kay. “We are also looking to hire a world-class Advertising Agency.”

“In addition to the above marketing, we have just launched a major campaign with our Public Relations Firm (Fusion PR) to market our new Aite whitepaper & Guidelines throughout all business & tech reporters, media channels, industry vertical reporters, social media, social media influencers, key congressional House & Senate Members, Government & Private Industry Regulators and others,” says Kay.

Resellers / Channel Partners:  As most of you are aware, having a strong channel partner program will be an important factor that differentiates companies in the next decade. Our Director of Channel Development, Will Lynch has been busy assembling the key components required of a world-class channel program. Our Zinfi UCM platform provides channel partners with full self-service, including recruitment, onboarding, marketing collateral & digital assets, leads, market development funds (MDF), deal registrations, and more.

Will recently ran marketing campaigns with CRN 360, (The Channel Company) the industry’s leading IT thought leadership & partner recruitment resource with over 700,000 solution providers that subscribe to their services. Two recent campaigns have generated 140 channel partner leads that will take us some time to interview those that are interested.

CRS:   As most of you are aware StrikeForce purchased CRS last year, adding CRS’s Cyber Wellness and Breach Defense programs dovetail with StrikeForce’s products & strategy perfectly. Both CRS and StrikeForce offer products and services for home users and businesses.

This coming week CRS will be launching an incredible dark web monitoring tool. Individuals can search to see if their personal account details have been leaked or stolen in a data breach by putting your email in the data breach checker. Companies and SMBs can also search their businesses domain to see if their corporate data has been exposed in a data breach. Our team of intelligence experts are constantly monitoring the dark web for stolen data. When we discover information from a breach, we take a copy of it and add it to our expansive database of over 20 billion records.

By identifying whether your information has been leaked, you are better able to protect yourself by changing your passwords, enabling stronger security features, and remaining vigilant during the growing number of cyber threats. Businesses can use the information to help mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack, often resulting in financial losses and damaged reputations.

We will also offer Insurance carriers and underwriters our huge 250 million record Hacker Chatter dataset, including a cache of 120,000 stolen Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) accounts to their clients to see if policyholders are at risk. Hackers often use these to deploy ransomware to targets which as you know are triggering huge claims for carriers.

Sales: “Sales is the lifeblood of every business, and believe me, I do understand that,” says Kay, “and now that we finally have put together the resources, we are filling all those sales positions that we were never able to fill earlier. We have contracted an executive search firm to help us hire an assistant marketing director, and two new sales reps. Just this week we hired a seasoned sales pro for CRS, and he starts in two weeks.”

“Additionally,” says Kay, “we just signed a contract with our SDR partner PipelineZen to add another sales rep for making calls and setting up appointments with potential customers for us. That relationship is going strong and in the last six weeks since they started, they have perfected their pitch and have already setup appointments for us that have resulted in six new pilots for SafeVchat with hospitals & law firms. Having them adds another sales rep to increase new pilots substantially.”

Projections: “It’s always hard to make projections in sales, especially when you don’t have salespeople, monies, marketing and you’re in a crowded marketplace,” says Kay. “All of that has changed for us, we are hiring the salespeople, we have monies in the bank, we are now marketing with major companies, we have a unique product differentiator, we have a growing market opportunity and we have new customers signing on that is growing. Based on the above, I feel we should easily hit $1.3 Million in sales this year. I know my number is conservative, but I have been wrong before and I don’t want to be wrong again, even though it is only a projection I take it seriously. I am sure most of you want me to project $5 million, or, $7 million or even $10 million, however, I feel comfortable with my current projection. Who knows, I may actually surprise all of us, at least I hope to.

“I want to thank all of you that have hung in-there with us throughout the years,” says Kay. “The team at StrikeForce thanks each and every one of you and look forward to bring you exciting news throughout the coming year. Stay safe!”

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