The Gap in Your Business’s Cybersecurity: The Need for Zero Trust Video Conferencing

Zero Trust is the new standard in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of digital platforms we use in the workplace don’t meet high enough security standards.

Companies’ use of video conferencing platforms has grown significantly since the onset of the pandemic and will continue to be relied on for internal and external meetings. This puts sensitive conversations and data sharing at an increased risk and escalates the need for a Zero Trust video conferencing solution.

Companies may not fully realize the video conferencing platforms they use daily are also the places they’re most exposed to hacking and security threats:

• Globally, hackers break into 30,000 websites every day.

64% of companies around the globe have been victims of at least one cyber attack.

22 billion records were breached in 2021.

Ransomware cases grew by 92.7% in 2021.

Email is the primary communication vehicle for around 94% of all malware.

It is estimated there is a new cyber attack somewhere on the web every 40 seconds.

Since 2020, video conferencing software has become one of the most widely exploited gateways for hackers and outside security threats.

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Zoom, Microsoft Teams WebEx, and Google Meet are some of the most popular video conferencing platforms in today’s workforce –– hosting thousands of companies and millions of daily users around the globe.

While these companies provide unparalleled video conferencing solutions, none of them specialize in cyber security. This means all of them are vulnerable to hacking and security threats.

Unfortunately, industry-leading video conferencing software isn’t enough to keep your organization protected.

Zerify, a leader in security products for over 20 years, offers security solutions that will add Zero Trust capabilities to companies’ current video conferencing.  Zerify also offers a complete Zero Trust video conferencing platform for companies that need a new solution.

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What is Zero Trust Security?

One of the biggest security concerns with the major video conferencing platforms is that they only require simple login credentials like a link, email, and universal access code or password.

This isn’t enough to keep you, your technology, and your information safe.

In fact, platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet require little-to-no verification, authentication, or encryption to join a call.

This makes your organization increasingly susceptible to:

• Outside users posing as an internal user to hack into your call

• Spyware or malware attacks on company email accounts and computers

• Endpoint security threats: Hackers breaking into laptops, cameras, microphones, keyboards, screens, etc.

• Divulgence or leaks in proprietary data, sensitive company information, or private client information

• Thousands or millions of dollars spent on managing the security damage, fallout, and repair efforts in the wake of a hack.

So what is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust Security is a security model that doesn’t rely on predefined trust levels. Instead, it requires verifying and authenticating every user and every device at every level before granting access to data or applications.

With Zerify, all our video conferencing solutions are built on a Zero Trust infrastructure.

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Security Risks in Your Current Video Conferencing Platforms

Small businesses to multinational corporations use Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams as primary communication channels for their entire organization.

Even though they’re all reliable video conferencing solutions in their own right, they all have enormous security vulnerabilities that most users aren’t aware of, which include:

Universal login information: Anyone with the meeting or conference link and/or universal password can enter the meeting.

Lack of multilayer and multi-factor authentication: Users aren’t authenticated on multiple levels when entering a meeting. This leaves your conference extremely susceptible to hacking.

Zero endpoint security provisions: Your computer, keyboard, microphone, screen, and camera are open to monitoring by malware.

This can pose serious threats to your business.

All a hacker or outside party typically needs is a link to the meeting or access to a single employee’s work email account to:

• Join a meeting and pose as an employee

• Listen to and record sensitive information, from conversations to keystrokes

• Drop a link to a virus in your meeting chat to transfer viruses to users

• Hack into computers, keyboards, cameras, microphones, and screens of any attendees

• Expose your company’s or clients’ private or proprietary information

• Make for an ongoing security threat for your organization

• Create thousands or millions of dollars in damage, repair costs, and legal fees

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Why Choose Zerify for your Zero Trust Video Conferencing Solutions?

Unlike other video conferencing platforms that only specialize in providing high-quality video conferencing tools, Zerify started as a cybersecurity company.

Our team identified the overwhelming need for Zero Trust security solutions in the video conferencing space. This led our team at Zerify to create what is now the only true Zero Trust secure video conferencing platform –– Zerify Meet. 

At Zerify, security isn’t an afterthought. It’s built into everything we do.

How Our Zero Trust Video Conferencing Solutions Can Help Your Organization?

Our Zero Trust solutions for video conferencing can help your organization in several ways:

• Help you meet overlooked security compliance requirements.

• Protect sensitive information and data, company-wide, from your team to your clients.

• Improve the security of your organization’s and client’s data.

• Prevent your team’s computers, accounts, and devices from getting hacked.

• Potentially save millions of dollars in repairing your company after a security breach.

At Zerify, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Investing in our affordable, secure video conferencing solutions now could prevent millions of dollars in data breaches, hacking, lost time, and potential lawsuits in the future.

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Zerify’s Zero Trust Video Conferencing Solutions

Every organization needs and deserves reliable, Zero Trust video conferencing solutions.

Zerify provides several different secure video conferencing options to protect a wide array of organizations, including but not exclusive to:

• Legal

• Medical

• Healthcare organizations

• Financial consulting

• Governmental organizations

1) Zerify Defender: Zero Trust Video Conferencing For Any Platform

Can Zerify make my current video software more secure?


With the abundant need for more security on the world’s biggest video conferencing platforms, we also developed Zerify Defender. Defender is like a software security blanket you can use with Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more. It gives your organization the capacity to safeguard its current video conferencing infrastructure with military-grade security.

Learn more about Zerify Defender Here.

2) Zerify Meet: Zero Trust Video Conferencing You Can Count On

That’s where our team at Zerify comes in. Zerify Meet is our very own video conferencing platform built on a Zero Trust foundation.

What can Zerify Meet provide for your organization?

• Prevent hacking with meeting password, authentication, and authorization

• Endpoint security from malware spying

• Encrypted audio & video

• Keystroke, clipboard, camera, microphone and speaker protection

• Web-based platform plus our desktop client.

• Advanced call reporting and analytics

• Mobile application available for iOS and Android

Zerify is the only video conferencing platform on the market built on a zero-trust foundation.

Learn more about Zerify Meet here.

3) Zerify API

Our Zerify API gives you the power to integrate Zero Trust video conferencing solutions and security into a wide variety of other business applications and platforms such as CRMs, task management software, customer service applications, and more.

Learn more about integrating Zerify API into your software.

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Don’t leave your business’s video conferencing open to devastating security threats.

If you’re looking for the most secure way to hold video conferences, partner with our team at Zerify. Our platform is built on a zero-trust foundation and offers affordable security solutions your organization needs to keep its data safe.

Still have questions?

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